Blue Line Home Watch will provide a customizable service to fit your needs.

When leaving your home, for even a short time, problems can arise. Let Blue Line Home Watch put your mind at ease.

  1. Power Outages
  2. Water Line Damage
  3. Vandalism
  4. Leaky Roof
  5. Inspection for Mold, or pest damage.

Blue Line Home Watch will provide you with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly detailed inspection reports accompanied with photos, lists of any damage discovered and a path to repair.

  • Refuse Can Attendance. Do you need someone to attend to your garbage cans while you are away?  We will make sure your garbage cans are removed from the roadside and placed in the designated area of your home.
  • Vehicles: Do you have a vehicle that you leave unattended for a length of time while you are away? Are there times when you need your vehicle started and allowed to run a few minutes a week or just inspected? We can help monitor your battery, check your tire pressure, and inspect for leaks or bald spots.
  • Golf Cart: Do you have an electric Golf cart that needs to be plugged in or unplugged? Do you need your golf cart filled with fuel before you or your guests arrive?  We can have your cart ready when needed.
  • Storm Preparation and Follow-Up Inspection: Blue Line Home Watch provides preparation services for storms and a post-storm follow-up inspection after local authorities have issued an all-clear and we have access to your community.
  • Quality Control: Blue Line Home Watch can assure your contracted services are fulfilling your needs and on time.
  • Keyholder Service: Blue Line Home Watch will meet with your contractor when you are away or respond to a security alarm 24/7. We understand leaving your keys with a neighbor may not be the best option. Blue Line Home Watch will hold your key in our secured locked location and respond to your home at your direction.